Parent Ease, or so it is for now

So in my takings of breaks from flash work, of course i'm messing around in maya, and I came across the want to do something that led me to some cool expressions. Basically this 'parentEase exp generator' that's in the vid creates a constraint that elapses over time, essentially looking like overlap. Now no this wouldn't be a replacement for the animators overlap, because there is no such thing, but I think it's purposes will come in the next step of developing it. In the area of plant life or other unique special effects that may require it. Anyway, check out the video. For now I only have a generator for a basic parent constraint (relative to each objects local space). The final cube seen in this video is a demo of using the information from the parented object and combining it with rotation expressions to get some simple single object overlap. A plant skeleton using this gen is in the works, but that will come later.

Also, I'm thinking "soft constraints" is a better name for it...



So I haven't gotten to work on GD ninja lately because of a cool job I got doing a website for a small medical company out in Massachusetts. But I wanted to keep posting updates on my work, so I figured I'd put up one of the early stages of the site. There's lots to be said and done about it so I'm gonna keep workin on it. After I finish this it will be back to 3D and hopefully I'll be doing some other art as well.

Visions Medical Center early design