Bűvös Kocka

After so long, I have finally defeated the daunting task that is the animateable Rubik's Cube rig.

It can use any pieces you give it, plays forward and backward, scrubable, and it's really cool. The setup is pretty much fully automated, so it's real easy to make em, although there are things I would like to improve. Anyway, hope you liked it!


So many lines!

So I was workin on boTimingCharts today, and suddenly noticed that I had reached over 3000 lines of code, making it the biggest single script I've written so far!

Intrigued by this number I decided to find out the total number of lines in all of my "bo" scripts (the ones I've written from scratch). The total thus far is over 11,000 lines 0_0. That's like a 200 page paper! I think I may buy myself a chocolate bar for this accomplishment... and later watch a movie.


Timing Charts 0.5

Just about ready for testing. This video shows some of the cool new features like default color schemes (saved to prefs) and the chart marking menus...

There's a lot here that isn't being shown, but maybe in the next video!


A tiny peek... at Timing Charts

So naturally there's something I'm always working on... but I just happen to think that this "thing" is especially cool. Here's a peek of something in the works...

more to come...